Daniel Finch-Race

Dr Daniel Finch-Race FHEA is a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Bristol (2018–2020). Most of his research is about nineteenth-century French culture and the environmental humanities. His publications include articles in French Studies Bulletin, Green Letters, Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, L’Esprit créateur (with Valentina Gosetti), Modern Language Review, and Romance Studies. He recently edited an issue of Nineteenth-Century Contexts on ‘Poetics of Place’ (2019). As co-editor, he has collaborated with Jeff Barda on Textures (Peter Lang, 2015), with Stephanie Posthumus on French Ecocriticism (Peter Lang, 2017), and with Julien Weber on issues of Dix-Neuf (‘Ecopoetics/L’Écopoétique’, 2015) and L’Esprit créateur (‘French Ecocriticism/L’Écocritique française’, 2017).

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